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Bodegas Artazu: Conditions of our vineyards before the harvest

Few days ago, our Vineyard Foreman told us about “The Wait” before the harvest. Today, that the harvest is so close, Eduardo Blasco, Vineyard Foreman at ARTAZU, our winery in Navarra, sums up for us this growing season.

How it has been this growing season 2014-2015?

Eduardo Blasco: Since December 2014, when we started pruning the weather has been favourable for the development of the vines. We had enough snow and cold weather, which helped to clean the old wood of potential sources of fungal diseases during spring. Rainfalls have been abundant, but especially when the vineyard really required it.

The temperature favoured a perfect fertilization of the flowers and setting of the fruit (good production but not excessively compact clusters). Later, the rainfalls in June also helped. This way, we are expecting a good ripening of the grapes and a balanced and healthy production.

During July the temperatures were very high, even from the end of June. All this, together with organic copper and sulphur treatments prevented any fungal disease like mildew or oidium.

In August the vineyard went through variable temperatures; nothing to do with the extreme heat of the 2003 vintage. The vine rested and recovered itself at night and worked day by day in the ripening of the fruit.

We expect to have the typical weather conditions in September so that the grapes finish the ripening properly.

How was the veraison?

EB: The veraison ended when the vine could recover from the high temperatures in August. During the whole summer we have had storms with rainfalls as usual at this time of the year. Now we only hope that we can work during the harvest with no rain.

When do you expect to start the White Grenache harvest?

EB: The picking of the White Grenache is expected towards 12th -14th September. The phenolic ripeness is more advanced than in the previous year. Therefore, I think it will be intense in aromas and with good a structure.

And Red Grenache?

EB: The harvest for the red Grenache is expected to start from 21st -23rd September to 12th October, as our vineyards are in different areas with different exposures.

Summing up, we are very excited about this new harvest 2015 .
Artazu, September 4, 2015
Eduardo Blasco – Bodegas Artazu, S.A