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Our history is inseparably related to our forebears’ know-how, based on our passion and respect for the natural world and wine in particular.

From the inception of our project in 1985, we have based ourselves on the observation of their traditions. People who have maintained the wine-growing legacy of our region for generations.

Since 1992, the Lacalle y Laorden family have been at the forefront of this project. Our obsession with keeping the vines alive has led us to discover expressions in every vineyard that express the personality of each terroir. This is made possible thanks to the natural attributes of these lands and the respectful intervention of those who work them. Since then we have cared for these vines, venerating their environment.

We have recovered the wisdom of the experiences of our grandparents with reverence, holding fast to tradition as a pioneering, forward-looking element.

Through this conviction, which we have inherited from our forefathers, we wish to continue this path in order to discover the grandeur of nature and the character of our wines.