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Visiting our wineries and vineyards is to meet tradition and decades of hard work face-to-face.

Marvellous surroundings in which to experience our unique wines.

The vineyard

Through a visit to our vineyard you will discover Laguardia’s great wine-growing heritage. Unique natural environments that are at the heart of our sincere and authentic wines.

The winery

The wines that are produced in our winery and the message that they transmit is jealously safeguarded herein.

Tasting notes

Wine as the sole protagonist Taste two village wines from Laguardia and Elvillar and three single vineyard wines as you sample the diversity of our legacy.

  • ARTADI Viñas de Gain White
  • ARTADI Viñas de Gain Red
  • ARTADI La Laguna
  • ARTADI Santa Cecilia
  • ARTADI San Martín

*Wines and vintages are subject to availability.

Book your visit

Price €50 per person. Duration of visit: two hours. Very small groups, with the option of private visits. Monday to Saturday (April-October) Monday to Friday: (November-March) Contact us by phoning +34 945 600 119 or by email to
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