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Viña El Pison gets 97 points in the last report from The Wine Advocate – Robert Parker

Luis Gutierrez, taster at the prestigious magazine The Wine Advocate, has just release the new report about Rioja 2016 where he has rated the wines from our winery. 


Robert Parker`s Specialist in Spanish wines tasted our two last vintages 2013 and 2014.

The first one has been highly appreciated despite being a difficult vintage. A year of very los yields, as a consequence of a distorted climatology. It was a warm winter, with rainfalls during all the season. The spring was cold, which caused a slower sprout, and the summer was cool. The end of the growing cycle and the ripening process was determined by an interesting thermal contrast between day and night, which favoured the production of fresh and aromatically expressive wines. 

With regard to the peculiarities of the wines of the 2013 vintage, it gives us fine, balanced and structured wines.

Viña El Pison 2013 – 97 points

“There is always something magnetic about the nose of this exceptional wine, and the 2013 Viña El Pisón, even though it feels young and primary, developed a myriad of nuances like none of the other bottlings from Artadi. (…) There is very good balance and elegance here, and stuffing to slowly develop for a long time in bottle. It's modern and a little oaky, but exceptionally good, and if you have the patience it will turn into a beautiful bottle that will scream RIOJA!!!!”

Luis Gutierrez, The Wine Advocate

Vintage 2013

VIÑA EL PISON  2013– 97 points

ARTADI El Carretil 2013 – 94 points

ARTADI La Poza de Ballesteros 2013 – 92+ points

ARTADI Valdeginés 2013 – 93 points


2014 vintage was tasted just before bottled so we find a scale of scores until they will be tasted again next year.

We can define the 2014 wines as transparent wines, full of light and limpid aromas. In the month they are silky, with sublime tannins and juiciness which make these wines very attractive.

They diplay a message full of youth and freshness. They are wins of lingering and delicate finish, tasteful and balanced. 

Vintage 2014

VIÑA EL PISON 2014: 96 – 98 points

ARTADI El Carretil 2014: 94 – 96 points

ARTADI La Poza de Ballesteros 2014: 90 – 92+ points

ARTADI Valdeginés 2014:  91 – 93 points

ARTADI Viñas de Gain 2014: 91+ points

Tempranillo By ARTADI 214: 90 points

For further information you can see the whole article:

You can purchase these wines in our online shop: artadi/tienda

Tasting notes:

Viña El Pisón 2013

ARTADI El Carretil 2013

ARTADI La Poza de Ballesteros 2013

ARTADI Valdeginés 2013

ARTADI Viñas de Gain 2014

ARTADI Tempranillo 2014



Viña El Pisón has been chosen as the best Rioja wine by Decanter Magazine